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What does Alabama Expungement Mean?

The deletion of criminal charges from a person’s criminal history record is viewable by the public, as in the case of a background check for employment. A criminal conviction or other violation of the laws, rules, or regulations of the Alabama Securities Commission is not subject to expungement. The court or law enforcement still has access to any purged records.

What arrest records can be expunged in Alabama?

In Alabama, certain types of arrest and criminal records can be expunged, including cases that did not result in a conviction, cases that were dismissed without prejudice, and cases where the charges were dropped or the defendant was acquitted. However, there are some restrictions and eligibility criteria for each type of record.

Eligible Charges for Alabama Expungement Lawyers

  • If one of the following conditions is satisfied, a non-felony charge (a misdemeanor criminal offense, a violation, a traffic infraction, OR a municipal ordinance violation) may be expunged:
  • The accusation was dropped with prejudice.
  • There was no grand jury indictment of the charge.
  • The accusation against the defendant was judged to be false.
  • The defendant has not been convicted of any other felony or misdemeanor offense, any infraction, or any traffic violation, barring minor traffic violations, over the preceding two years. The case was dropped without prejudice more than two years ago and has not since been re-filed.

Alabama Expungement Filing

In the Circuit Court of the area with the help of an Alabama expungement lawyer,s the first charge was brought, and a petitioner may ask to have a criminal case dismissed. A petitioner may only ask for the expungement of one offense after filing a petition, and that charge must be defined clearly by submitting certified papers. Each organization that keeps a record linked to the erased offense must send all such records to ALEA if the court authorizes the petition for expungement.

Any records received by ALEA will be digitally stored, and physical documents will be destroyed. The material that has been erased is then sealed off from the official criminal history record. Please be aware that there are a few situations in which access to a person’s official criminal history record is not necessary for law enforcement. Every record that has been erased is no longer considered to be a part of a person’s criminal history for public records.

Alabama Expungement Requirements – What You Need to Know

  • documents needed to submit an expungement request
  • an ALEA-certified criminal history record
  • a certified copy of the arrest record for the court record from the relevant law enforcement agency
  • a certified record of decision for the court record from the relevant court
  • a certified summary of the case actions for the court record from the relevant court


A person is not permitted to ship, transfer, own, or receive a weapon under an expungement order. Trust an Alabama expungement lawyer who puts clients’ needs first. They can lay out all of your legal choices for you so you can decide how to proceed with your case knowledge. You are in control. Your choice. Don’t rely on our word alone, though. Do your research properly and get satisfaction first.