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We are committed to providing clear and concise information regarding the complex and confusing process of Expungement. Please look around and use our free information to learn more about Expungement.

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We work hard to get relevant expungement information to individual cities and counties. However, please keep in mind that the law may be different from county to county:

We clear your record by using legal hacking techniques. Our service is available in all countries systems. However It depends on your criminal records but usually the process takes at least 4-6 months.

Our data experts use a latest criminal record expungement software to delete and expunge your record from government’s system.

Our technical experts can do it within 24 hours. You also will be provided legal documentations for it.

After our process of clearing criminal record expungment anyone can request to check their website or ask for a copy of your criminal felonies to check.

It depends on the country or state law and rules. Some countries have strict rules while others have normal and easy rules of expungement.

Ask us by clicking on contact us page we are always here to guide you in this regard.

Each country and state has its own rules on expungement, the general practice is below:

  1. Go to expungement lawyer
  2. Ask the clerk or any expert for petition
  3. Complete the petition
  4. Pay the services charges
  5. Get hearing date from court