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Ohio law firm has been operating for a long time. As trial lawyers, former prosecutors, and Ohio expungement lawyer, we have the skills necessary to seal your criminal record. Ohio attorneys will go through the specifics of your case with you and offer professional legal advice on your possibilities for expungement. Any money paid for your case will be returned if they take it on but are unable to get an expungement.

Sealing Criminal Record with Ohio Expungement Lawyer

Over the past few years, Ohio’s expungement laws have undergone a significant adjustment. Now is the moment to reassess your eligibility for expungement if you have previously been denied. To get started, take our free, no-risk eligibility test. Years after serving your term, a criminal record can follow you around and keep you from obtaining certain jobs, promotions, or even housing.

Because of this, it’s crucial to think about sealing the record of any conviction that qualifies under Ohio law. Expunging previous arrests that didn’t result in a conviction. Legally, your record will be the same as it was before your conviction—as if you had never been accused of a crime or found guilty—if you can seal a record of conviction.

Method to File for an Ohio Expungement

Working with a skilled Expungement Ohio Lawyer might make all the difference if you’ve been found guilty of a crime and want to have your record cleared.

First, respond to the first inquiry, “Can my criminal record be expunged?” How long after my case do I wait to get my record wiped is typically the following query. Finally, if you are still eligible, we compile all the required papers, submit the application to the court, and appear at the hearing when it is scheduled.

Benefits of Sealing Ohio Criminal Record

  • Licensing

People with criminal histories may have trouble getting driver’s licenses and other types of professional licenses. However, you may mention you were convicted but the specific charge was erased if you meet the requirements and receive an expungement.

  • Housing

You could be required to disclose if you have criminal convictions on your record if you want to buy a home, rent an apartment, or be eligible for government housing. You might not be able to get accommodation because of one or more offenses in some strict or exclusive neighborhoods. May no longer be required to mention these crimes when submitting a housing application after an expungement.

  • Employment

If you successfully get a conviction erased, you are not legally compelled to divulge this information when applying for the majority of jobs.

  • Citizenship

A criminal record might make it difficult to begin the naturalization process if you are not currently a citizen of the United States. Even after an expungement, law enforcement, and federal authorities may still have limited access to your criminal history. But it still favors you when you apply for citizenship.


Ohio expungement lawyers have developed a focus on the subject of record sealing and expungement. They are neither a company that operates online nor an out-of-state legal practice that has never litigated a criminal case in Ohio. They are trial lawyers with years of expertise who have been in operation since 1988.