Does your criminal record clear after 7 years?

Does Your Criminal Record Clear After 7 Years?

Are you indulged in any crime or want to discover whether your criminal record lasts for 7 years or is removed later? How long does the criminal record last? How to remove the criminal record history? Does your criminal record clear after 7 years? and so on.

If such questions exist in your mind and you want to acquire information related to your criminal record history then you are at the right place.

In this article, we will share details about the existence and clearance of criminal records after 7 years. Stay tuned and read the article till the end for a better understanding. Let’s get started.

Does your Criminal Record Clear after 7 Years?

Does the criminal record clear after 7 years? The straight answer to this query is “NO”.

A criminal record if exists will remain for a lifetime until you take any action to eliminate or remove it.

Why it is Important to Remove the Record?

Many people get in trouble or involve in any crime at a small age or even though work on themselves and try to be good citizens in the long run. But with a criminal record, it is difficult to services. Here are some examples:

  1. A person with a criminal record cannot get a job easily because well-reputed companies avoid hiring persons having an existing criminal record.
  2. It is difficult to lend a property or get a shared apartment. Owners and landlords avoid sharing their property with a person who has a past criminal record.
  3. Employers check social media accounts, criminal records, drugs, medical tests, and financial records to find whether the person is good or not. So, surviving in such an environment with a criminal background is also tough.
  4. The social status of the criminal is also disturbed and people even don’t forget about it even after 7 years. So, does your criminal record clear after 7 years? No, neither from records nor from people’s minds.

Criminal Record and Background Information

There are different aspects of background checks and criminal records must be checked. The criminal record includes the reveal of felony crimes, misdemeanor cases, and any pending lawsuit cases to sum up nothing can be concealed or hidden. The records of any past arrests and delayed prosecutions may also appear in such background checks.

Once a criminal, always a criminal until there is an effort to remove the crime. Criminal records and background checks are often run on people before hirings, business deals, marriage proposals, immigration procedures, etc. The presence of a criminal record accounts for hindrance in such procedures and a person may face rejection.

How to Possibly Clear Criminal Records?

Many people face the query “Does your criminal record clear after 7 years?”

To get out of this, there are two ways to clear a criminal record, and those two methods namely expungement and sealing.

In expungement, you can get your record erased like it never existed but not all crimes are eligible for expungements. The crimes that can be expunged are probably the ones that can not be sealed. To be precise, if there has been a conviction it can not be expunged. Here are some records that you can expunge.

  • Arrests that didn’t lead to the pressing of charges
  • Offenses in which you were not proven guilty,
  • Some eligible misdemeanors.
  • Offenses you have been forgiven by the court.
  • Convictions that were reversed or vacated.
  • Sentences for court supervision, but only in specific cases. This must be confirmed by the lawyer whether or not it applies to expungement
  • Some sentences of qualified probation (but again, you should talk to a lawyer about your case)

If we talk about the sealing process, the crimes that can not be expunged have the leverage to be sealed. One thing is clear a criminal record is not going to disappear in 7 years on its own so you have to take action to either expunge the record or seal the record in order to have a clear sheet and avoid the harm it may inflict on your future life.

Crimes that are Eligible to be Sealed

  • Driving charges, such as drunk driving or rash driving or breaking signals, or overspeeding.
  • Domestic violence
  • Violation of the order of protection of an asset or confidential matters.
  • Animal offenses charges pressed by animal rights.
  • New felony convictions if you have already had felony convictions sealed.

However, one thing you need t keeps in mind is that since a criminal an int going away you need to hire an expungement attorney and take apt actions to clear it.

Will a Criminal Record affect Getting a Job?

Well, to answer this question in one word YES!

Having a criminal record will affect the hiring procedure for sure. Most employers run a background check before hiring and your criminal record will certainly pop up. It is best to get it cleared before applying for a job. If that is not possible it is best, to be honest with the information, and if you are lucky some considerations may be made.

What is a Level 2 Background Check?

A Level 2 background check comprises a background check using fingerprints. This check is run on applicants for positions that involve working with defenseless persons, such as children, people with disabilities, and seniors. The jobs like volunteering at schools, daycares, and senior centers as well as for paid personnel often require a level 2 background check. Level 2 checks are also run on people willing to adopt a child or file to be foster parents.

In a Level 2 background screening applicants are tested strictly against all sorts of information on arrests, sentences, and imprisonment related to harsh behavior and abuse against children and other weak persons. A Level 2 check will even show the records that have been sealed and expunged. It is a very critical form of background check.


This article started with the question does your criminal record clear after 7 years? Well, the answer is NO. There is no such law that says a period of seven years can prove you as an innocent person. You need to either expunge those records or seal them but keep in mind that all cases are not eligible for the clearing process, however, an attorney can guide you better.

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